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Bending moment in over reinforced Beam 

How do I calculate the bending moment in over-reinforced beams? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-calculate-the-bending-moment-in-over-reinforced-beams/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=425beba2&srid=zM5g


How to position a RCC Beam ?

Dear Friends ,

This is a frequently asked question.Narrow dimension to be kept horizontal or vertical ?

What do you say ?

This post shall explain you the basic reasons.


In beams the depth of section placed parallel to loading direction but in columns the depth of … by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/In-beams-the-depth-of-section-placed-parallel-to-loading-direction-but-in-columns-the-depth-of-section-is-placed-perpendicular-to-the-larger-moment-Why-is-it-so/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=a0aa3f36&srid=zM5g