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A picture is better than 1000 words…

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You all know the Chinese phrase ” A picture is better than a thousand words “

Let us understand some basic terms of the building with the help of the photographs.

There are certain photographs through which these terms can be understood.








So friends , now you tell me how do like this experience ?

Would you like to have a huge collection of such slides ?

There are 500 plus terms which have been explained with the help of actual photographs taken at the site.

The terms are from various topics such as Concrete, RCC, Reinforcement , Masonry and Structure.

This collection is quite useful for understnading the basic concepts of construction.

You can have these photographs for a very very nominal cost. 

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Structural steel estimation 05

Exercise : 

In the following sketch , you can see the North light truss.

The dimensions have already been given .

The span is 7.5 M and the rise of the truss is 1.5m. The vertical members are known as Struts ( These carry compression force ) and the diagonal members are known as Ties ( These carry tensile force ).

The rafter on the top is made of two equal angles ( back to back ) of 65 x 65 x 6 @ 5.8 Kg/M and the Bottom rafters have been made with two equal angles ( back to back ) of 50 x 50 x 6 @ 4.5 Kg/M.

All the ties have been fabricated with ISA 50x50x6 @4.5 Kg/M and

the Struts have been made with ISA 65x65x6 @ 5.8 kg /M.

We need to find out the total weight of One North light truss.Picture10 First step is to give unique names to each of the nodal points.

A node point is a junction  where two or more members are connected. 

usually , there shall be a Gusset plate provided at this junction.

Second step is to find out the lengths of individual members.

The final solution works out as follows :