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15 thoughts on “Contact us”

    1. Hello
      Can you please give me more details of your question so that I can answer correctly.
      Thank you so much for following


  1. Dear Mr. Kulkarni,

    Can you share some ideas & thoughts on Edge column footing or Column at boundary line. Will be helpful if the information is focused on Pros & Cons of the Edge column and Measures if any to minimize any negative impacts.


    1. Yogesh
      Great to see this.
      There is already an article about edge column footing.
      Have u gone through ?
      Pros and Cons ..let me post another article soon.
      Thanks for the fantastic suggestion.


  2. Sir, I am very happy that I found so much what i needed in your blog. It is so much practically satisfactory. I am a Civil Engineer but not into construction but cement marketing and I need to visit individual sites and guide masons and customers about good construction practices but I hesitate on giving them inputs on reinforcement detailing because I feel theory and practical are two different things and I don’t have any practical experience, but from your blog I got many things cleared. I look forward to get much more information directly from the site (practical). I would like to ask you questions and clear my doubts whenever required hope you would answer.

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    1. Hello Yogesh ,

      Thank you so much for using great words for appreciating the efforts.
      You must be quite meticulous in your work and hence are quite keen on fine tuning your knowledge.
      This is a rare but very essential quality . Its worth lauding.
      You are most welcome to write to me anytime for your queries and doubts
      at :

      You can also follow this blog so that fresh contents reach you on regular basis.

      In fact , you are also invited to contribute to this blog You can share your observations about the working of the sites.
      Specially , in context of use /misuse /abuse of cement at sites .How can people optimize the consumption for better quality.

      Looking ahead to have further interactions

      Stay connected

      Good bye Yogesh


      1. Sir,
        I want to know about the crack that develops between the slab and the bearing wall (sometimes just between slab and brickwork and sometimes one brickwork below)
        1.Why does it occur?
        2.Remedy after it appears?
        3.How do we construct so that this problem does not occur?

        Yogesh Pradhan

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  3. Sir, Good morning,
    I am working in stone industry from last 3 year, doing all kind of stone work but some time facing problem to calculate the thing, please give me you contact number, so I can take your consultancy,


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